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"When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he’s everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he’s not easy to spot; he’s really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair."
- Taylor Swift (via hqlines)

"Maybe time didn’t heal wounds exactly, but it gave you a kind of armor, or a new perspective. A way to remember with a smile instead of a sob."
- Kristin Hannah, Night Road (via wordsnquotes)


Pisces can become an emotional wreck when they have been hurt. They will turn to others to solve their problems for them or they can go off and turn to destructive habits. 


Do no expect to see Pisces out and about all the time. This sign needs to spend time alone in order to feel complete. Otherwise, Pisces becomes an assortment of the people they are hanging around with and have no idea who their true selves are. 


Pisces can become too crazy and too wild when drinking. They have a habit for going overboard and not knowing when to cut themselves off. Often, Pisces friends wind up becoming their baby sitters when partying. 


Pisces can become great liars over their lifetime. This sign often does not know what the truth is so they will make stories up or they will convince themselves what they are saying is true. 


I decided I’m not ready to go a serious route with a career just yet. I want my first year back at school to be something I can invest my heart into, too. Something that’ll get me a somewhat decent job, maybe. Photography probably isn’t the answer, but I have a feeling I would enjoy it so damn much.

I just don’t know which route to take.

I can say if you truly love doing hair, nails and skin. I would go cosmetology. just know that in the Cosmo program you don’t learn as much about skin or nails, it’s mostly hair but you do touch base on basic skin care and nails.

I’m an Esthetician, I truly love skin care and makeup and I learned a lot about the skin and the functions and you learn about the whole body anatomy but in Cosmo you don’t learn that much in that. but I can say I truly love what i do and if I enjoyed doing and styling hair I would of gotten my Cosmo license because you can do anything from working in a spa to wax to hair. I can only do spa and hair but I can work in a dermatology office and get my medical esthetics license but you can also be certified in the medical aspect of skin too with a Cosmo license. don’t think you’re limited in anything.

choose something you’ll know you love and are passionate about because sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re truly into with doing things. I went for my Cosmo license in the beginning I just didn’t like the whole hair and how I learned very little in skin. but it all depends on you (: